Our Tribe

We are a tribe of brand and communication experts.

Penny Edmondson


Penny’s passion is delving into problems and distilling strategic and creative thinking; it’s the most challenging and rewarding part of what she does. With a background in marketing and employee communication, she helps businesses to ‘brand from the inside out’.

Bianca Quarrell

Senior Consultant

Bianca’s passion is using the power of words to inspire action, change behaviour and unite tribes. That, along with empowering others to increase their own business writing skills so they can have more influence, is what gets her out of bed every day. 

Stacey Harrison

Senior Consultant

Stacey’s passion is finding new ways to help businesses connect, motivate and engage their people. That’s why she also loves crafting stories that bring people together – and unleashing the power of employee storytelling.

Samantha Quigley

Freelance Production Consultant

Catherine Green

Freelance Producer/Director

Our tribe has close to 100 years’ combined brand and communication experience. We love working together, finding new solutions and producing fantastic results for our clients. We love our craft.

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